Monday, January 30, 2012

Question section

I got a few question from my student!
Teacherrrr help meeee(´;ω;`)
For adjectives like "すき" or "きらい"; they are sometimes used to say "I like/dislike *something/someone*", right??

Any way, I have a question about which should I use  in this case がor は…for exampleIf I wanna say 「I like Utada Hikaru」 which is natural 宇多田ヒカルがすき or 宇多田ヒカルはすき?(´・ω・`)
Also, if I want to include a pronoun I must say わたしは宇多田ヒカルがすき but not わたしが宇多田ヒカルが好き, right?? But I don't know why is that and it's confusing me a bit…(ㆀ˘・з・˘)------

(*宇多田ヒカル is a popular singer in Japan.)

Ok..let me the way..What a cute emotions u useeeeeeeed!!!!
oops!..sorry sorry let's talk about this questions.

I like someone/somethig.=わたしは someone/somethingが すきです。

I dislike someone/something.=わたしは someone/somethingが きらいです。

If u learn by heart this u can use easily. But I think u wanna know the reason. So I'll explain why we use like that. It's a little bit difficult ...try to follow me.

(わたしは)宇多田ヒカルがすき。=I like Utada hikaru

If u say 宇多田ヒカルはすき。=Utada hikaru likes.../ (I like only Utada hikaru.) 

Can u get what is different between them? Subject is different. First one's subject is わたし. However how about next one? 宇多田ヒカル became as subject. 

And in Japanese we never repeat は or が in a same sentence. u can use both in a sentence bit don't use more than twice.

That's why "わたしが宇多田ヒカルがすき" this is impossible.

-------from here I'll write for advance, cuz this is very difficult.--------

Subject  は Objectが Adjective です。

This is new grammar. I'll definitely teach this after, but now I'll teach u.
This grammar's form is same as わたしは someone/somethingが すきです。

今日は 夕日が きれいです。=Today's sunset is beautiful.

昨日は 天気が 良かったです。=Yesterday was good weather.

彼は 脚(ashi)が 長い です。=He has long legs.

もみじは 秋が 見頃(migoro)です。=Momiji's good season is in autumn.

....Is it enough?loool I can't find when can I finishXD
Maybe I can response to ur question and extra. I hope good for ur skill up.

If u have some questions u can ask me. I'll teach on here^^


  1. ああ、うん、可愛い顔文字使ってるねww

    そーしてぇ、フィリア先生の一生懸命はすごい!まじめに教えようとしてるもんな☆ 本当助かりましたよー\(^o^)/<3



    1. ぎゃあああああw男だったの!!?←てっきり可愛い女の子をイメージしてたww



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  2. "... 宇多田ヒカルがすき。=I like Utada hikaru
    If u say 宇多田ヒカルはすき。=Utada hikaru likes..."

    AHA! I understand now! you are indeed a good teacher!

    *My 1st Comment* =D

  3. thanx for ur !st commeeeeent!!^^

    I'm sure thatXD I don't have any textbook to teach Japanese as other teachers. So it's very hard but I'll try to keep this♪

  4. ただいま帰りましたオー<3\(^o^)/