Sunday, January 1, 2012

Japanese new year celebration!

A happy new year あけましておめでとー!!!

Today's lesson is about Japanese culture-! I think Japanese culture is very interesting ,so now I'm planning to  talk about Japanese culture on here. I wanna tell u about traditional culture, modern culture and some funny thingsXD

When a year change to next year what do u do in ur home country? In Japan we have many traditional custom in new year's eve to new year's day. I'll teach general. First on the eve we eat Toshikoshi soba for wishing longlife and health. these are often eaten right before midnight.

 After a new year begin we eat Osechi.  Osechi are easily recognizable by their special boxes called jūbako. Osechi has lots of dishes cuz each dishe has different mearning. For example  Kuro-mame , (blacksoybearns) symbolizing a wish for health in the New Year. Kamaboko (broiled fish cake) has red and white colors. The color and shape are reminiscent of Japan rising sun, and have a celebratory, festive meaning. If u wanna know more, u can c  here→

With this we eat Ozōni. Each family has different taste of it. In Tokyo generalos a soup of Mochi in clear broth. My family's too XP

After celebration we go to Jinjya(shrine) to pray for something. Most Japanese like to do fortune lottery of shrine. Last I got great blessing hahaha! but this year I didn't try yet,I hope sameone again!! oops..I forgot to tell this. If u got great curse or some worse lottery don't worry~tie the bad lottery to tree or rope of shrine ur luck should be better XD amazing! If u wanna know more→

Japanese traditional custom of a new year is that's all. I ate Osechi so much, so I overweighted!! oh~my~~~..I should loseweight.


  1. WoW, Your post was really interesting^^
    There are many things that I didn't know xD
    I hope you keep writting, cause I wanna learn more about the Japanese culture !!

    1. Thanx ur comment^^

      yes,ofcourse!!Japan has so many intereting culture and customXD I hope u enjoy this blog and u got some knowledge about Japan<3

      I'll try to keep loool Keep check my blog