Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make sentences -for beginner-

I said I wanna teach slangs and some informal sentences. But I think learning from formal sentences is better for ur skill up.

So today I'll teach formal sentences, ok?

It's the basic of Japanese sentence. after subject はorが definitely come. U should be careful ,we usually pronounce "ha" for は. How ever in case of after subject we pronounce "wa". Don't make mistake~XD


Subject  or Object/Adjective です

Subject or Verb ます

Subject  Object/Adjective ですか

Subject Verb ますか

What different between は and が? um...usually after わたし we put は. When subject is something usually we put が. omg I found some exceptions, so I tried to find new rules!!

My brother is in the room=おとうと  へやに います。

(informal)I'll do that=わたし  やるよ。

 *in case of this sentences Subject is more important information than Verb. S>V


Today is cold.=きょう  さむい です。

I'm 26years old.=わたし  26さい です。

I'm a teacher.=わたし  せんせい です。

This is a cat.=これ  ねこ です。

That is a cat.=あれ  ねこ です。

 *in case of this sentences Verb is more important information than Subject. S<V

 waaaaaaaaaaao!!! I'm genius right!?XD

Today's lesson is very important, so I'll give H.W.... I hate H.W←what?
U should try to translate thisone~If u write answer on the comment I'll check and reply.
and if u don't have Japanese letter u can write roman letter. All vocab from this blog. U can find somewhere.

1, I'm 21 years old.

2, Today is cold.

3, That is a dog.

4, This is a school.

 [next lesson is about possessive case]

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