Saturday, January 28, 2012

Basic verbs 1 -for beginner-

Today's lesson is about Basic verbs!
 it's too hard for me to make this~; Finally I could make thiiiiis!!
First I planned  to teach only present form ,but after we'll learn "+て" form. so I made allXD today plz watch only present form and meaning!lol

〈present or future sentence〉 Subject  +   Verb(but る)  +  ます 

〈past sentence〉 Subject  +  Verb(but る)  +  ました

This rule can use only for るverb! next time I'll teach different type verbs.
So today u should learn those verbs and this rule by heartXD fight on~!

I'll sleep.=わたし は ねます。

I thought.=わたし は かんがえました。

Then next!This grammar is the most important in Japanese I think!! The position of Object and Verb is opposite from English! so be careful. This rule can use all verbs! U must memorize.

Subject  +  は +  Object を +  Verb

I eat breakfast.=わたし は あさごはん を たべます。

I turned on the light.=わたし は でんき を つけます。

I'll take a shower.=わたし は シャワー を あびます。

I stopped the taxi.=わたし は タクシー を とめた。

I know what do u want ! Do u wanna H.W don't u!?lol  oh my my my..of course I'll give u!
Now u r very happy right? cuz u got great H.W!!!....silent..

1. I saw Japanese.

2. I turned on TV. *TV=テレビ

3. I open the window.  *window=まど

 U can answer by comment, I'll definitely reply. try to use this grammar in ur life!

[next lesson is Basic verbs 2]

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