Sunday, January 1, 2012


A happy new year! I hope everyone has great time in this year also^^
From today If I have time I'll try to teach Japanese. I think I'm a strict teacher XD

But I'll do my best to teach u, plz follow me. I don't know ur Japanese level ,so I'll separate biginner level, intermidiate level and advanced level. If u can read Hiragana ur level is intermidiate. If u have ever learned Japanese or u wanna learn Kanji u r advanced level. without them start from beginner level.

U know Japanese has three type letters Hiragana ,Kanji and Katakana.

Hiragana is original letter of Japanese. Kanji was came from China ,but most Kanji has Japanese original pronunciation. Katana uses for some foreign words.

So let's bigin. plz make a notebook for learning Japanese. When u get something u should write down in ur notebook.

I want u to memorize all Hiragana on this page→ First read aloud and memorize shape and pronunciation. after that practice to write Hiragana. If u want u can memorize Katakana too.XP

From next lesson I'll use Hiragana so if u don't memorize u can't follow me
Do ur best! hahaha!!

[next lesson is Japanese Greetings]

*If u have some question u can ask me^^ plz erite comment. I'll reply.

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