Sunday, January 1, 2012

Japanese greetings - for advanced -

Today's lesson is Japanese greeting!

U know the respect is very important for Japanese. Greeting is one of them. I think most Japanese language school teaches only formal sentence ,but sometimes I'll teach casual sentence and some slangs.


おはようございます/おはよう - good morning

こんにちは - good afternoon

こんばんは - good evening

いってきます - I'm leaving

おかえりなさい/おかえり - welcome back

ありがとうございます/ありがとう - thank u

どういたしまして - u r welcome

はじめまして - nice to meet u

おつかれさま(ごくろうさま)/おつかれさん(ごくろうさん) - nice job

おやすみなさい/おやすみ - good night

初めまして - nice to meet u

お誕生日おめでとう - happy birthday

おめでとう - congraturations

あけましておめでとうございます/あけましておめでとう(あけおめ) - happy new year

[someone invite u over]

おじゃまします - *when u enter to

おじゃましました - *when leaving from house

[u eat something]

いただきます - thanx for making

ごちそうさまでした - all dishes tastes good! thank u

[to response] 

はい/うん - yes

いいえ/ううん - no

わかった/了解です - got it

なるほど - I see~

Very simple! may be u can use from nowXD try to use and memorize. I added 6words than for biginner level and I used Kanji. If u have some question ask me^ ^

[next lesson is basic vocab and about Subject]

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