Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basic verbs 2 -for beginner-

Today's lesson is about Basic verbs 2! it's too hard to make this~; So after this post I'll have a restXD

First I planned to teach only present form ,but after we'll learn "+て" form. today plz watch only present form and meaning!lol

〈present or future sentence〉 Subject + Verb(u→i) + ます

〈past sentence〉 Subject + Verb(u→i) + ました

This rule is different from last one and a little bit more difficult. I'll give a few example for this one.

I run.=わたし は はしり ました。 ←look underline(verb)

What is the original form of "はしり"? Can u find it or remember? "はしる" is correct.
Then let's write both of them by roman letter!! I think it's the easiest way to get this rule> <

"hashiru" and "hashiri" attention last vowel(red letter)!! ui ...yes!!! those verbs have same rules!
u wanna see more right?

My brother will buy a car.=わたしの あに は くるま を か ます。(kau→kai)

I put on the pic.=わたし は え を は ました。(haru→hari)

The baby stood up.=あかちゃん は たました。(tatsu→tachi)

Next!today also I teach very useful grammar.

Subject  +  something に +  Verb

something に = on something/ to somewhere /to someone

I got on the bus.=わたし は バスに のり ました。

I entered to staff room.=わたし は しょくいんしつに はいり ました。

I said to my friend.=わたし は ともだち いい ました。

eh? It' s easy? That's great!! ur clever~what a good student~<3
May be U can guess what am I sayingXD yes! H.W!!!!

1. I thought.

2. I'll wash my hands.

3. My mother got mad to me.

4. He sold his comics.

U can answer by comment I'll definitely reply. try to use in ur life~!!!

[next lesson is about Basic verb 3]


  1. Nice post Firia San. So interesting. It's good can learn new Japanese Gramma...s2

    1. That's good!^^ I try to keep this blog.
      u should check~XD

      If u have time from next time try to do H.W.
      It's good for u