Saturday, January 28, 2012

Possessive case -for intermidiate-

Today's lesson is Possessive case! And I'll teach "of" too, cuz in Japanese both of them have same rule.
Possessive  someting/someone =personal pronounの something/someone 

I wrote rule about possessive case. But I think ur a little bit confused!! right!? cuz me too!lol
so I'll give a few examples, compare two sentences. Both underline r same meaning.
This is my mother.= 私のお母さんです。
Is this your father?=あなたのお父さんですか?
This is his pencil. =これはかれのペンです。
That is her dog. =あれはかのじょの犬です。
Tokyo is capital city of Japan. =東京は日本のしゅとです。
This house is Mr.Tanaka's house. =このいえは たなかさんの いえ です。
Whose car is that? =あれは だれの くるま ですか?
How is today's lesson? This also very important Do u wanna H.W!? ok, I'll give u!XD
u can write answer by comment. I'll definitely reply. try to do H.W and using Japanese in ur life
1.This is my brother.
2.That is my house.   
3.She is his mother. 
4.The purse is mine.  *purse=さいふ
5.Kyoto is the city of Japan.
[next lesson is Basic verbs]

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